Manageengine servicedesk plus how to change alias http on https

http://localhost ServiceDesk Plus can run as a HTTPS service. NOTE: In all the images, replace the highlighted text with the alias name you. xml file with all the different changes to make- the official redirect guide here: 1. Shut down the SDP service · 2. Open a command prompt and navigate to the C:\AdventNet\ME\ServiceDesk\bin (assuming you are using the default install location. OUTDOOR WORKBENCH

Restart ADAudit Plus for the changes to take effect. Step 2: Create the keystore A keystore is a password-protected file that contains all the keys the server will use for SSL transactions. Type in your keystore password. Provide information based on the following guidelines: What is your first and last name? Provide the machine name or the fully qualified domain name of the server hosting ADAudit Plus.

What is the name of your organizational unit? Enter the department name that you want to appear in the certification. What is the name of your organization? What is the name of your City or Locality? What is the name of your State or Province? What is the two-letter country code for this unit? Provide the two-letter code of the country in which your organization is located. Note : If you choose to enter a different password, note it down because the key password will be required later.

On the Request a Certificate page, click the advanced certificate request link. The certificate will be issued when you click the Download certificate chain link. The downloaded certificate will be in the P7B file format. Step 5: Import the certificate Follow the steps given below that correspond with the format in which you want to import the certificate. Open the server. Create a backup of the existing server. If you want to trust the certificate, then choose y or yes.

Your Certificates are now installed to your keystore file sdp. Configuring the Server in version and above. Configuring the Server in versions below For versions earlier than For versions Install a. P7b Certificate. Some CA will provide the certificates with an extension. In such a case you can double click on this file to open a console which will list all the required certificates.

You can export these certificates to Base encoded X. Go to [ServiceDesk Plus Home] jre bin domain. Select the export file format as Base encoded X. Click Next. The certificate export wizard is completed successfully. You can check for the settings you have specified. Click Finish. Commands to install certificates of some common vendors. Note: These instructions might change depending on the Certificates issued by the CA.

Answer : This could be because the Java version used in the application does not support the algorithm used to encrypt the password in the. Follow the steps given below for the suggested workaround:. Import the SSL certificate to your machine as instructed here. Export the same using Microsoft Management Console as. Learn how to do this here. Use the new. When importing domain certificate in keytool, an error stating Failed to establish chain from reply occurs as shown below:.

Answer : Check if the keytool in the Java version used in the application supports the signature algorithm used in the certificates root, intermediate, and domain. The suggested workaround is to get new root, intermediate, and domain certificates that use algorithms supported by the Java version used in the application. If you cannot get new certificates, use the same keystore and certificate with a keytool provided by a Java version that supports the signature algorithm to import the domain certificate.

UI import of the keystore generated using a Java version different from that of the application would fail. Click here for steps to create and import the SSL certificate to the keystore. Importing the. The following exception trace was found in importssl0 log file:.

Answer : This could be because the java version used in the product does not support the key size. In other words, the certificate could have been generated from a different java version of a different key size. Download the policy files for ServiceDesk Plus from the below links:. For builds below version For builds above version

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Manageengine servicedesk plus how to change alias http on https best workbench stool


Manageengine servicedesk plus how to change alias http on https filezilla download folder

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