How to use winscp with private key

how to use winscp with private key

Now save private key (example: and public key (example: Please note that, the private key should be kept safe. Run WinSCP. Under Session, you'll want to fill out the Host name, user name, and password fields with the appropriate values. Click the button to. › eng › docs › ui_login_authentication. OPEN SOURCE XEN VS CITRIX XENSERVER

Write down where you saved these keys! You will need this location later. Enter the password you received from the IB at account registration time in the "Password" box. Note: In a later step, you will remove the password and configure the client to use public key authentication.

You are now ready to attempt a connection to the system. Press " Login ". You will be asked if you trust this host. Click " Yes ". Once you are successfully connected, you will see a split screen with the left-hand side containing a list of files in your local directory, and the right-hand side listing files in the remote directory.

Next, find your public key file you wrote the location down in a previous step and drag it to the. Click on the name of the session you created in Step 6, and click on " Load ". Delete the password. Note that the "Private Key" field will become ready for a text entry.

Press " Save ", change the session name to "xx" when prompted, and then press " Logi n" to reconnect to the server using your key. You will be asked for the key passphrase you entered in Step 4. Enter it. Press " OK " and you will reconnect to the server using your public key. You now have two saved sessions, "xx" for key-based authentication, and a temporary "xx-password" session.

Your password will automatically expire in 5 days. If you already have a user that you want to use for the login, skip this step. Once you know the user who should have the SSH key, you can create the key pair directly in ExaVault. Some accounts have limits on the number of SSH key pairs that can be stored, so contact support if you need to upgrade your account.

Be sure to make note of the download location of the private key file you generate. The public portion of the key will be automatically stored in ExaVault for the user you selected. If you are not the end user who will be using this key pair, point them at this article and step back as your work is complete.

Fill out the connection information for your account, including your username. Click on the ellipsis button … next to the Private Key File entry field. This allows you to navigate to the location where you have stored your private key file. If you receive this prompt, click the OK button. WinSCP will automatically convert the key to the proper format for you. Choose the permanent location for this private key and click the Save button to store the converted key file.

Once you confirm that the connection works, be sure to use the Save Session As Site to save the settings permanently. Using a different FTP client?

How to use winscp with private key ultravnc proxy socks


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how to use winscp with private key

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