Unable to start splashtop servers

unable to start splashtop servers

cerelace.xyz is located in a subfolder of "C:\Program Files (x86)"—mostly C:\Program Files (x86)\Splashtop\Splashtop Remote\Server\. I get 'Unable to connect. Please make sure your computer is on and Splashtop Streamer is running on your computer'. A reboot of the host (receiving) computer. 1) Launch McAfee Endpoint Security. · 2) Click on drop down next to Update Now & choose Settings. · 3) Choose Firewall on the Left & Show Advanced. EVADIR FORTINET 2018 Unable to start splashtop servers splashtop apk download


Unable to start splashtop servers ubuntu 12.04 vnc server setup

XSFTV - transition to O Shopping [03-APR 2022] unable to start splashtop servers


Locate the line that has the same thumbprint from above. Replace the line with a hypen, and only a hypen. There should be an equal number of lines when you are done, you are just replacing the thumbprint for the failing cert with a hypen. For example. Mark B. I just can't understand why the server isn't able to find the CRL. I have tested with psexec as system and as network service and all the test were succesfull. It is quite strange since no ldap entry is on the subordinate CA,.

I have checked that object using adsi Edit and the permissions seem ok. Also there is a value on both attributes: certificateRevocationList and deltaRevocationList. I have now 3 certificates for my subordinate CA. Is it using some kind of cache and not reading the CDP from the 2 other certificates? The 3 certificates fail. The first one is just normal because it is expired. That's why I thought that it might be caching it and not even reading the CDP entries of the 2 other certificates.

I've considered deleting the expired certificate but I read that deleting an expired certificate from a CA has many implications. I ran certutil -urlfetch -verifi against all 3 certificates and as I expected the only returning errors was the expired one. Can I just delete the expired certificate? Office Office Exchange Server. Not an IT pro? Internet Explorer TechCenter.

Sign in. United States English. Ask a question. Quick access. Search related threads. Remove From My Forums. Today, I even made two videos showing them, but I probably won't hear back for a couple of days. This image is the problem client's computer: if I click on choice 1, nothing happens, but it SHOULD connect to the live user's session without kicking out the user.

If I choose Console, the user gets kicked out as expected. The image below is my Win 7 VM. If I choose the second item with Active in the name , it opens the Splashtop connection and leaves the RDP session running. This is what fails at my client's office to their Win 7 computers. So, can any other Splashtop users verify that this scenario works?

I appreciate any help! Brand Representative for Splashtop. Windows only allows a single user login console or RDP. If someone logs in with RDP remotely, the console session will get logged out, and vice versa. As you try to remote in using Splashtop into the console session, the RDP will disconnect. Our team reviewed the video. Seem like what you have done in the video is exactly as described.

Our team actually found a potential issue that terminal session switching doesn't work for selective Windows 7 machines Our team will post a response for you at Splashtop support site your ticket shortly with a workaround to resolve the corner case win7 issue. Next streamer update will fix these win7 corner cases, targeting end of June in 2 weeks. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. WHY would you recommend doing so, when my question was about a specific problem with a specific application, i.

I told them EXACTLY what I was doing and even included an image of the selection choices see second image above that shows the choice of active user, with the caveat that " I cannot select the user's session. I only can click the " Console - Connected" session. They chose to ignore that and kept focusing on the Console session. I am mad because they kept ignoring what the were being told.

It felt like I am dealing with Dell support techs with their blinders on. I will do their suggested workaround and try it again. Thank your much less frustrating help! Renaming the file worked perfectly! Thanks Gregg. Please do keep me posted if the workaround helps. I will work with our team actively to help resolve if the issue persists. For future readers, Mark's response that "Our team will post a response for you at Splashtop support site your ticket shortly with a workaround to resolve the corner case win7 issue" was the fix renaming a specific file.

I don't want to post that exact file because I don't know if they want it publicized. Because you came on a forum with extremely limited to none knowledge on the software in question after originally not getting the answer you were looking for and getting nowhere with the one and only set of people that could actually help you. If the problem were to persist and you needed something to help you i said "can't you use VNC?

So don't be like that when others are trying to give you a sounding board on a forum that, by anyones logic would be less use than the support department of the software you had an issue with. Sound like it is working. Our team's plan is to add the fix in upcoming release of new streamer agent targeting in two weeks Thanks again for helping to uncover the corner case win7 issue with terminal switching. I hope that it will be a "moo point" by then anyway.

They are back to work, and the new computers should be going in soon. LOTS of people here use Splashtop. Shame on me for thinking that an actual Splashtop user could test what I asked! I got multiple incorrect answers from them , so I came here seeking better answers, only to be greeted with something that is blatantly obvious use an alternative , BUT does not address the issue at hand.

Your "Cant you just use VNC or something similar? Had I asked "Can someone give me a good alternative while I work out a problem with Splashtop? However, all it did was detract from the point. Did you seriously think I was unaware that other remote support tools exist? That would be the only reason I can think of for someone to say that. THAT is why your response frustrated me. My response frustrated you because you were under the cosh, feeling pressure and the one people that could help you weren't helping you as you needed.

Just because you may know of other remote support tools doesn't mean that you have actually considered using one to test whether they also exhibit the same issue in the scenario. I also note the plethora of splash top users that have flooded this thread clambering over each other to help you. So again, don't be like that when you've come to others for help when your actual only source of help isn't helping you because then other people may be reticent to help you in future in case you get your knickers in a twist again.

I have posted useless answers to others' thread before when I misinterpreted their issues. The difference between you and I here is that when they corrected me, I acknowledged it that I screwed up and didn't try to defend my unhelpful answers. Had you simply acknowledged that your answer had nothing to do with Splashtop specifically, we wouldn't be continuing this ridiculous dance. It frustrated me because I see these types of "answers" all over the place that contribute nothing to the conversation and usually end up in them getting derailed, just like this one.

I see that type of response, but I don't reply to them because they are not in my post thread. If they are in my post thread and they contribute little or nothing to the issue, then sometimes I do respond in frustration.

Did I ask if other remote support tools had the issue? I know that Splashtop has the ability to do what I need as I showed in my post, so I asked a very targeted select audience this question, "So, can any other Splashtop users verify that this scenario works? I don't get why you fail to comprehend that simple fact. Regarding your "I also note the plethora of splash top users" comment, I looked for a Splashtop-specific forum and found Remote Support.

Silly me for thinking that all the Splashtop users I see here nearly every time someone asks about remote support would be silent on the issue. Again, look at my scenario of an Exchange problem and someone suggesting Kerio. Now, please excuse me, but my knickers just came out of the wash and I need to go iron them. Ahh so my suggestion was valid and you tried it without consciously knowing it , testing other remote desktop apps does not exhibit the same issue, ergo you could discount an actual PC problem and could have proven to the technical team, seeing as they were being so obtuse, that it was the splashtop software that was at fault if they tried to tell you it wasn't.

It is a bit extreme and long winded but it would allow you to confirm exchange was at fault, but ultimately it isn't actually an irrelevant suggestion and it does depend on what the issue is as to whether you would do this.

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