Getmail procmail arguments

getmail procmail arguments

This document describes the use of getmail mail retrieval agent (MRA) to get your mails, procmail mail delivery agent (MDA) to filter your mails and notmuch. Several different types of parameters are used in getmail rc files: [procmail-as-bob] type = MDA_external path = /path/to/procmail arguments. I would suggest using fetchmail (with mda option) instead of getmail. getmail configuration: ~/.getmail/getmailrc - deliver via procmail. FORTINET FORTIGATE 80F SECURITY APPLIANCE Getmail procmail arguments anydesk hidden


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Type crontab -e to edit cronjobs, and enter the following:. Also, to quiet getmail down, we can reduce its verbosity to zero by adding the following to getmailrc. By default, when you run getmail the program searches for the file getmailrc created as seen above. If you have more than one mail account you would like to get mail from, then you can create such a file for each email address, and then tell getmail to run using both of them.

Obviously if you have two accounts and two files you cannot have both of them called getmailrc. What you do is give them two different names, using myself as an example: I call one personal, and one university. These two files contain content relevant to my personal mail, and my university work mail respectively.

Then to get getmail to work on these two files, instead of searching for getmailrc default , I use the --rcfile switch like so: getmail --rcfile university --rcfile personal This can work with more files if you have more email accounts, just make sure each file is in the. Obviously you can call your files whatever you want, providing you include them in the cronjob or shell command, and they are in the.

Create a unit file for the timer:. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. Category : Mail retrieval agents. After that step is done, all we need to do is to prepared the configuration scripts to download emails and deliver them appropriately. I say scripts plural because with getmail you have to create a single script for each email server you are going to poll for new emails.

I have to poll 2 POP3 servers, which will make the configuration files very similar. The [retriever] section specifies the type of server POP3 in this case , its IP address, and the necessary information to log in username and password. I also specified a timeout of sec. The [destination] section is where you specify how to deliver the mail locally.

Arguments to the MDA can be specified with the arguments keyword: in this case I only enforced the username which is the local Unix user that will receive the mail. The final section is the [options] section that allows to control the way getmail operates. Even though Mac OS X has a new mechanism called launchd which offers extended functionality over cron , I still decided to setup a cron job.

I will play with launchd in a later article. First I prepared a shell script checkmail. Then by running crontab -e from the Terminal I created a crontab entry to run the checkmail. This will run the checkmail. Configuring procmail Why use procmail? Well first because I wanted to try it and understand it.

Second because I wanted to do some processing on the incoming mails, e. Teaching how to properly configure procmail is way beyond the scope of my articles so I suggest you take a look at the Procmail QuickStart document which is really well done and detailed.

Here I will just show you how I setup procmail to drop mails in different folders depending on the POP3 server they came from. The first rule :0 c basically makes sure that the first thing that is done by procmail is to put a copy of the incoming mail into a backup folder. This way I can do some actions in this case a simple move to. All the pieces are now together. In part1 we have set up postfix and dovecot to act as servers to send emails to an external SMTP server postfix and to make the mail in the local folder available to clients through a local IMAP server dovecot.

In this article I discussed how I set up getmail and procmail to gather email from 2 POP3 servers and deliver it in the local Maildir folder which is the folder that the IMAP server is going to access. To test the current getmail configuration you could simply run by hand the configuration scripts, check the log files to see that both getmail and procmail worked correctly, then check your mail folder for any new mail.

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