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getmail version

Welcome to getmail 6, a mail retriever with support for POP3, POP3-over-SSL, IMAP4, IMAP4-over-SSL, This is the documentation for getmail version 6. Unix-like, Posix. Stable release. POLYMAIL CRUNCHBASE COMPETITORS

Install the getmail AUR package. It is possible, rather than storing your password in the config, to call an external program to read the password. Note that the password parameter in the example configuration above overrides this parameter; specify one or the other, not both.

Most people will like to add the following section to their getmailrc to prevent all the mail on the server being downloaded every time getmail is ran. For this guide we will be storing our mail in the maildir format. The two main mailbox formats are mbox and maildir. The main difference between the two is that mbox is one file, with all of your mails and their headers stored in it, whereas a maildir is a directory tree.

Each mail is its own file, which will often speed things up. A maildir is just a folder with the folders cur , new and tmp in it. Now, run getmail. Type crontab -e to edit cronjobs, and enter the following:. Also, to quiet getmail down, we can reduce its verbosity to zero by adding the following to getmailrc.

By default, when you run getmail the program searches for the file getmailrc created as seen above. Maintainer: roland. These changes might still contain some bugs. You can install getmail6 in your home directory if you add --user. Before using getmail you must configure it. An example:. There is now a test folder that uses docker-mailserver for black box testing. See the HTML documentation for details on setting up and using getmail.

Jan 8, Oct 30, Sep 26, Jul 6, Jun 15, May 13, Mar 21, Feb 1, Jan 7, Dec 31, Dec 9, Nov 28, Nov 2, Oct 7, Sep 1, Aug 29, Download the file for your platform.

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