Download powerpoint in zoom

download powerpoint in zoom

Learn how to easily create a cool PowerPoint zoom in effect for your [Watch] PowerPoint Zoom Tutorial Download the slides from this tutorial. Zoom Portal; Zoom Desktop App; Zoom/Blackboard Integration; Add Zoom to Outlook; SIGN IN; Resources; Download Zoom Client. Download the perfect Google Slides and PowerPoint template with the Zoom feature, element, or design. Free and customizable templates. ULTRAVNC 1051

To overall process for creating this cool PowerPoint zoom animation effect all detailed below , is to:. Where should I send these Zoom Effect files , so you can follow along and use them in your decks? Now that we have done that, we have to choose which area of the picture we want to zoom in on — in my case, I have chosen the eye and the eyebrow.

So, now we put the second image exactly on top of the first image. So we align them up exactly like that. For more help with cropping your images in PowerPoint, see our how to guide here. From here, you can play around with different settings for the zoom. For this project, it gives just the right level of zoom — anything bigger looks kind of odd. So find the right zoom level for your needs — you can keep testing and changing it in the Effect Options box.

For the next step, we have to duplicate this eye, so we go to the Format tab and resize this with the same amount of zoom as we just choose in the Effect Options. To begin, we go to the Size and Position box under the Format tab:. Now the next step here is very important. You actually have to align up this bigger eye exactly with the other, normal sized eye, that you had here — until it looks exactly like the below.

If you saw the original example that I did, the image actually faded to gray after the zoom happened. If you want the same thing for your picture, follow the next step. Then, under the Format Tab, we go to Color. What we do now is we right click and mouse over Send to Back, then choose Send Backward because you want it to go just one layer down. This will help us make the picture fade to gray when we want to do that. To make sure the line is straight you hold down the Shift key while you are dragging it down or sideways.

Recolor the line to black and feel free to change the thickness. I had a grow animation still on it from duplicating the smaller eye since animations also get copied with duplicated images. I just need to remove this first. They are instead what we call fake PowerPoint template. To learn how to create your own PowerPoint template, read our guide here.

This workaround ensures the eye or the zoomed part of whatever picture you use still looks good. To do that we first select the lines as we did before by holding Control or Shift while we click on them. Great — we have the lines done.

One thing you may want to do as this point depending on your picture is to give the zoomed picture the large eye in my case a black outline. This often makes the effect more polished but not always — so check your own work. Now the trick here is going to be lining up the zoom animation so that matches the animation of the lines, finishing right at the end along with them. To summarize, the small eye is called Picture 7 and the large eye is called Picture 15 in the animation pane.

As I mentioned earlier, what we need is for the small eye to grow, then right at the end, the big eye will fade in to replace it. The tricky part now comes from trying to line up the timings so that the lines go across the small eye just as it zooms — so it looks like the lines are creating the zoom. You have to just test out the best combination of timing and duration for both the lines and the eye on your picture.

Your Zoom call will remain its normal size on one monitor while your content being shared will be on the other. Click on Settings within the left navigation. Find Show Zoom windows during screen share and toggle it on. Open the Zoom desktop application and sign in with SSO. Select the settings gear icon in the top right corner underneath your profile picture or initials.

Check the box next to Show my Zoom windows to other participants when I am screen sharing. Follow the steps above to enable show Zoom windows while screen sharing. Move and resize the Zoom window to cover the current slide on the screen with the PowerPoint notes presenter view. One monitor should have the PowerPoint presentation full screen, while the other monitor should look like this:.

In Zoom, click on Share Screen and share the desktop with the slide in full screen. You can allow another participant in the Zoom call to progress through PowerPoint slides shared by yourself or someone else. Enable Slide Control in your settings on zoom. Then when in the call and after sharing content full-screen, select Slide Control in the sharing toolbar.

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PowerPoint then automatically generates all the required Section Zooms in a grid for you, on a new slide at the start of the presentation, in a new section called Summary Section. Clicking on a Zoom link thumbnail will bring up the Zoom tab on the ribbon, which gives you control over a lot of the functionality.

That shows you what slide or sequence of slides with a Section Zoom the link goes to. And a back arrow indicates that Return to Zoom is turned on. On the tab itself, you have the same standard formatting options that are available for pictures, and on the left there are new options for controlling the Zoom in PowerPoint.

You can choose whether to use the Zoom Transition , which is really using the Morph transition to allow you to, well, zoom into the slide from the thumbnail. Return to Zoom is especially useful for creating navigable, non-linear presentations. You can do it with custom shows, or fiddly hyperlinks, but this just makes them so easy to create. Return to Zoom is enabled by default for Section Zooms, which make sense, but not for individual Slide Zooms.

A really good use case for using a PowerPoint Slide Zoom with a Return to Zoom is to link to appendix slides for more detail. Rather than forcing your audience to sit through a data table or source material, you can share the important conclusions, key messages, or trends, and then be ready with supporting information if they want to see it. You click the Zoom link, are taken to an appendix slide, then you click again and come straight back to the storytelling slide. If you plan on doing that, then the Zoom transition itself is often more distracting than useful, so it may be best to turn it off.

Likewise, having an actual thumbnail of the slide can get in the way, so you can change the Zoom link image on the Zoom tab, with the Change Image drop down. This allows you to alter the thumbnail to another image you have, or one of the stock images or stock icons built into PowerPoint. If you have a PowerPoint Summary Zoom, then the Zoom link thumbnail grid is editable, allowing you to move each individual Section Zoom thumbnail around.

But only within the confines of the Summary Zoom area. If you accidentally move something, there is a Reset Layout button on the left of the Zoom tab to take it back to the default layout. But otherwise, your best bet to get a new layout is to change the size and dimensions of the Summary Zoom area, using the white grab handles. With this method, the Zoom link thumbnails are always laid out in order, from left to right, top to bottom. Ultimately, PowerPoint Zoom links are a great way to create navigable presentations quickly and easily, allowing you to respond to your audience and have more interactive and engaging conversations.

For example, this is a Zoom menu page with a set of Section Zooms on it, all with Zoom Background applied. Zoom Background removes anything in the background or on the slide master of the target slides, showing you just the content of the slide in the Zoom link.

To do it, click on the Zoom link , go to the Zoom tab on the ribbon, and then choose Zoom Background on the right, in the Zoom Styles area. You can make it more natural still by making the Zoom links different sizes, or putting a small amount of rotation on them, or using the Zoom effects options like shadow , or even 3D effects sparingly , and the Zoom transition will morph seamlessly from one state to the next.

As good as this functionality is, there are a few issues with PowerPoint Zoom functionality that you should be aware of. In this example, the hyperlink navigation at the bottom of the slide breaks Return to Zoom. All thumbnails of linked slides update automatically if the target slide changes. Copy pasting slides or sections into other presentations will preserve the Zoom link.

If you copy a slide with a Zoom link into another presentation, but not the target slide, then the link will break. But, staggeringly, if you copy past the target slide into the same deck later on, in any position, the Zoom link will be restored. So you genuinely do have to go out of your way to break the links!

We've got a few solutions up our sleeves, from simple and quick to completely custom! Learn how to print PowerPoint with notes. Zoom gives you an all-in-one overview of all the PowerPoint slides on your computer or even on your whole company network. Many of our customers work with tens of thousands of slides and Zoom helps you to keep everything organized. Zoom lets you pull together a new presentation from multiple PowerPoint files by simple drag and drop.

It will also make sure that the formatting is preserved. You can email, print, or pdf slides from several presentations with one click and without touching PowerPoint at all. Create Zoom Labels to organize your slides. Zoom - The PowerPoint Organizer. Manage, organize and share your PowerPoint presentations more easily and efficiently than ever before.

Simple PowerPoint Slide Organization. Powerful Collaboration Features.

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