Milkmans workbench

milkmans workbench

Dubbed the “milkman's workbench” by Chris Schwarz in his Popular Woodworking article in June , this tabletop bench is designed to clamp to any solid. Milkman's Workbench Plans - Workshop Solutions Plans, Tips and Tricks - Woodwork, Woodworking, Woodworking Tips, Woodworking Techniques. Feb 9, - An eagle-eyed reader spotted this small benchtop that looks like the bigger Danish brother to the portable Milkman's Workbench I wrote about. VINE SERVER VS CHICKEN OF THE VNC Milkmans workbench backing up thunderbird

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Milkmans workbench The width of the blade is 75 mm. We may receive a commission when you use our affiliate links. Buy Buy Notify. The screws are maple, as are the pegs. Awesome experience.
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Winscp directory listing timeout Could not have done it without source milkmans workbench blogs and posts which provided the description and photos that enabled me to get the bench finished to the point of being usable. To demonstrate its capabilities, I attached the portable bench to my dining room table. For the wagon vise, I went metal. I too turned my living room into a shop. I appreciate it Gus. However, I do have a 3-year-old grandson. As for using the bench as an appliance, I like the approach taken by Ilkka Sivonen, your Finnish reader posted 24 April using wedges in place of the screws.
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milkmans workbench

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I am determined to build one this year after I get a few other projects cleared off the books. This little guy might be the solution. The bad news was that the original benchtop was in Australia, plus there were only two photos and a few measurements. The good news was Jonas Jensen and his father. Jonas is an engineer and woodworker in Denmark. His father is a long-time woodworking instructor.

And it just so happened that the father has one of these benchtops. Jonas was happy to take some detailed photos and measurements for me, which I am including below. That way if anyone else would like to take a crack at this project before me, they should have enough to go on. The workbench looks exactly like the one from Australia, except that this one is missing the clamps for holding it onto a table.

According to him it had belonged to a neighboring milkman. He repaired it a little because it had been eaten by insects. It is used solely for decoration purposes at their house hence the eye hooks for hanging. There are a lot of old holes from nails on the bottom of the workbench, so maybe it was nailed to some sort of stand once? Main body: Made from dense pine, and made out of two boards face-glued together.

One end has a section cut away to make room for the wagon vise. End block of the slot: Beech, glued to the end board of the wagon vise. The dog holes look like they have been sawed out to the correct depth, and then chiseled out, then the side board of the slot has been glued on, making them dog holes. Here are some supplies and tools we find essential in our everyday work around the shop.

We may receive a commission from sales referred by our links; however, we have carefully selected these products for their usefulness and quality. Great post Chris. I found this image of a similar item which offers a different perspective on the theme.

Good post Chris. I especially liked the photos of the vise. They were helpful in showing how the vise works, for me anyway. Hi Jonas, Are there signs on the faces of the wagon vise jaws to suggest it was used to hold work as well as carry a bench dog?

Everything was going swimmingly till I decided to chop a few mortises during her favorite show. Most of my hearing has returned and you can hardly see the marks now. Since my wagon vise is a little wider, I put in holes for three dogs. One centered and two on either side, seems like a 2 and 1 triangular clamp up would be more stable. I did all the thread work using the manual devices you can buy as a set.

My bench is maple and the threads came out clean. For the wagon vise, I went metal. Got a fat used lead screw on ebay with associated nut. I buried the nut in a slot on the right edge of the vise secured from turning, I cut a channel in the screw using an angle grinder for the garter which I made out of a piece of brass.

I put flush rect. Only metal visible is on the bottom and the screw itself. Overkill but fun. You know, that would be a VERY good workbench to use on a boat. Dear Readers, My guess is that Mrs. Chris realizes that there are rewards for being married to a very handy woodworker and is willing to make a trade off for a few shavings in the floor once in a while. Chris has a nice shop and hardly ever is so inconsiderate as to trash the house instead. What would be the point? This is obviously a one time display.

Sorry no offense here but why in the heck the dog holes are not aligned with the screw of the tail vise? We returned last week from a one month vacation in NC. I also rough milled some pine before we left with the plan to build a Shaker style mantle clock solely with the bench and tools I had. It worked wonderfully as I clamped the bench to a patio table in the sun porch and worked away with my planes, chisels, etc to make the clock. Awesome experience.

Anyway I wish I could post a photo to show the set up I had. Could not have done it without the earlier blogs and posts which provided the description and photos that enabled me to get the bench finished to the point of being usable. Thanks to all for making this possible, my vacation would not have been complete without my woodworking fix.

I am the wife form. Can you talk to my boyfriend? I too turned my living room into a shop. I have a perfect situation that allows me to do so. I also needed some feedback on the floor mats. Thank you all for the comments and ideas. A smile comes to my face just as it does whenever I am immersed in woodworking. The fact that the table is only 1. I too do woodworking in my living room, but unfortunately I have carpet. I could create an area under and around the bench that is reasonably easy to sweep and keep clean.

Does anyone know a good mat that could go down on carpet to create a working area that could be swept? As for using the bench as an appliance, I like the approach taken by Ilkka Sivonen, your Finnish reader posted 24 April using wedges in place of the screws. My workbench will have a home-made wagon vice along with dog holes, so I will clamp the appliance to the bench top with the built-in system.

All good ideas, so thanks again. This is a really nice bench, which I will build as a dovetailing appliance for a workbench I just designed and will build this fall. Regards to your father, too, Jonas. Even if we have never met. My mother grew up on a farm N. The desktop in the cube farm would be a perfectly stout surface to which this bench could be clamped. Or, did you do it on the sly while she was out and cleanup before she got home?

Seems as though a clamp-able bench top and this device would let me build all the case goods I could conceive. This is looking so good. I showed my father the article in the magazine yesterday.

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Milkman's Workbench in Use

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