Am trying to run comodo cleaning essentials windows xp but i never get past loading engine and colle

com/solution/TPGetting-started-with-TippingPoint-products -exe-prompts-Do-you-want-to-run-this-program-in-the-Windows-Action-Center. If you have Windows 7 64 Bit and want some good free software, Microsoft Security Essentials 64 Bit, Kingsoft Antivirus Pro Free, Avira. Get ClamTK. The ClamAV Virus Definition option can be configured using the AMP for Endpoints web portal. I only care about protecting my Windows computer. COMODO DRAGON SITE INSPECTOR

It is interesting to see the System Mechanic desktop widget change colours to warn you of problems and then to look below at the log of what was done. Oh I should have said before I do run commercial software like Kaspersky Pure because I am all over the internet and want to prevent problems not solve the results.

Yes I buy some software but often it happens to be on sale if you wait or at least a good discount. Anderson Cooper watcher. Pretty much every comment above missed an important point. And we are not talking geniuses here, only users smart enough to run PC Pitstop. If you read this far down the list of comments, you are probably a great deal smarter and more experienced than nearly all of them.

Again, this is NOT a list of recommended software. From what I have read here, if it were a list of recommendations, CCleaner should be at the top. From my experience, I would have to agree with that. People like to recommend things they use, because convincing others helps them feel better about their own choices.

I even hide HijackThis because your average newby could ruin his PC in one stroke with it. CCleaner offers many features most users never find, like controlling startup programs. Check the other options on the buttons on the left side of the window. Norton has made some machines brought to me slow to a crawl.

Replacing it with Avira returned them to normal, whatever that is. Go late in the day a new one each day so you can read all the comments before you download and use any of them. I just want a exact image of what is on the list.

Any help will be greatly appreciated by me and my classes. Interesting series of comments. I apologise if this thought offends many, but I do feel that in large measure with software, as with anything else, you get what you pay for. I have to disagree with you Barry about free programs. I have found MANY free programs that actually outshine the commercial stuff, especially in educational software, but that is another story. Software like cars can be very expensive or just plain and reliable, or junk dressed up.

Cadillacs, Mercedes are some of the worst expensive autos, Hyundai some of the best, just as one illustration. Likewise there is junk freeware and junk commercial software that takes them 6 revisions to get to what it should have been when first purchased. Perhaps you have never heard of Gizmo. So all of them would disagree as well.

But having sold computers for more than 15 years, I have to say that for almost any need the average person has, there is now free software and even cheap software which outshines Microsoft Office for most people such as Softmaker Office or Softmaker Pocket Office. Others have made lists of freeware they like and use but techsupportalert. Maintenance Utility:- CCleaner! I also use the registry cleaning facility it provides and have had absolutely NO problems at all other programmes I also use and recommend: Foxit reader:- tiny pdf reader adobe is gross bloatware!

Winamp:- my default programme for playing all music, I just like it! Media Player Classic:- tiny media player that plays very many formats. Eraser:- Totally remove all sensitive or personal data with one click. Guy I love Chrome for its speed but if you keep using it for an hour or so, it has so many entries in memory that it begins to slow down and then freeze and crash. So I use it for quick lookup of gmail or a few websites but when browsing longer I tend to use Firefox or Pale Moon. PC Pitstop Exterminate2 is a very good defense for your pc,but the problem is you have to be conected to internet,what if your pc has a virus that do not allow you to conect?

I use threatfire and Win patrol scotty the watchdog only. Then gives you the option to let it, quarantine it or deny it. Win patrol also gives you a chance to control startup items, delayed start items, cookies, show hidden files etc. This program needs to be bought if you want to know about threats it has prevented. Another great free program is Total Uninstall 2. Unlike other uninstallers that rely on a list, TU scans your registry and drive before and after you install a program, comparing the changes and saving them so that you can later fully uninstall the program in question.

I routinely use CCleaner to cleanup the mess left behind by Internet browsing, but what about deep cleaning the registry. RegSeeker is a free registry cleaner by HoverDesk. One suggestion, RegSeeker provides an option to backup changes before cleaning which I strongly suggest as this program digs deeper than many other registry cleaners and nasty surprises can be unpleasant. And if you are really concerned and want multiple fallback options, do a full registry backup before running the program.

SpywareBlaster by Javacool. It functions as a passive program that, among other things, serves to prevent ActiveX based spyware from loading if inadvertently opening a website with known malware. I wonder why KeePass is shown on the free software list. I use it, it is great! But, why would you keep it on your PC — PCMatic should not see it if you are taking security seriously — it should be on a USB memory stick, so that nobody has a chance to decipher your master password and get into your enclosed list of passwords.

Of course, as an important software item, I believe that KeePass should be much higher up the list. For Spyware: Malwarebytes. Found problems with Adaware and had to remove it from the registry Anti-Virus: Avast is free and very easy to use and less user intervention.

Too much drama with Norton and McAfee. Talk about a resource hog. No self respecting tech site recommends Spybot anymore. What about Revo Uninstaller? People wonder why their registries are a galactic mess? I am now using Vipre-Sunbelt Securities.

It is great uses very little of your computers resources to run and I have never gotten any viruses. I would give it a chance if your really looking for something good. I am perplexed at the diverse opinions people have of the same softwares.

Some praise this or that AV and some folks say it is crap. Even independant testing labs offer different opinions about the same software. One thing I know about any program that can delete a file from your computer read registry cleaners, antivirus is you better damnwell know what is safe to delete or you can lose a file you need.

Antivirus programs are known to miss some viruses I guess due to the technology they use. I fried my computer twice a couple of years ago by viruses not detected by AVG. Tech recommended Avast instead. Blocks and prevents entering sites that download malware. Just to even the playing field: I have been using firefox for several years, and loved it… I have recently switched back to IE 8… Firefox is dropping to many Popunders!

This scares me more than popups. Free no viruses, yet ; Vmware I think that anyone who uses their system for entertainment should consider MyMovies. It is a great program for cataloging your movies within Media Center! I concur with GadgetGuru and bigfoot. Thanks for all this great content data. XPsp2 is most stable OS on most machines, including laptops. Turn off auto-update! Avoid Vista at all costs!! I spend a lot of my time rolling back Vista to XP!

Windows 7 is still full of bugs. Anti-virus software also consumes much of my time. Nortons and now AVG are just too overweight and will significantly slow your machine. Better still, dispense with AV software and install Linux instead! PCTools firewall is also worth a mention, although for most it is superfluous if your router firewall is working properly. Nice list. If you are running Windows Xp SP2, congratulations.

Hard drives. Install Win 7 on a clean freshly formatted hard drive preferably one from Samsung or Hitachi because Seagate and WD reliability disappeared years ago. Read product reviews you find at newegg. I know this from years of buying them! Clone your entire hard drive using XXclone B.

Not surprised that many of my programs in your top 20! Great sight Guys, keep it up! It has saved me hundreds of hours of time by letting me restore an image of a hard drive. Everytime I set up a computer for my customer I always make a backup image and store it on blue ray so in the future if they have problems I can restore it back to new in just a few minutes.

For me it is clearly the best piece of software out there. In response to the person that was trying to delete VLC media player…. It is light but powerful. It will play more video formats than any other player some even if they are not finished downloading yet. Panda Cloud for sure have switch everything over to it and its the only thing I put on my clients computers.

My mother had just moved my computer from one room to another so I wrote it off as some setting that was likely accidentally changed somehow. I downloaded a few music mixing programs off the internet, then after 1 or 2 days of using them, I began getting sound card error messages when trying to play music files in Windows Media Player -- something about not having the right sound card, or then it is in use by another program.

I'd have to reboot in order to play the file. Finally last night after another 2 days of sound problems, my computer froze. I forced it off, and it froze again on restart. Eventually I managed to get into system restore, thinking I possibly caught something from downloading one of the programs, but upon startup I was hit with various new error messages about different appication files that couldn't be found, etc.

I undid the restore, and upon restarting got the first "Generic host process for win32 services has stopped working" message. If I send the report, or ignore it, it crashes my internet and takes anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to come back. When I hit debug it seems to leave the net functional for a short time, but upon running any applications it then fails.

After searching through various posts and fixes, I tried some so far also to no avail. I reset my windows firewall settings to default -- still received the message. Tried to install the hotfix patch -- it says what I am currently running is newer than the update. Tried to generally run Windows Update, it asks me to install a Windows Update file, I click ok, and the window stops loading and reads "done" but nothing happens.

My computer is set to receive updates automatically, and I am running a Trend Micro HouseCall scan as I type this, but I am at a loss for anything further. If anyone can please help, I'd appreciate it very much! Thank you! CRJ ,. Log in or Sign up to hide this advert.

I'd like to see, if the tool listed below will find anything Adjust corresponding BIOS settings, if necessary. Insert Dr. Web LiveCD into the drive and restart computer. As loading starts, a dialogue window will pop up: 7. The operating system will detect all available disk drives automatically. It will also try to connect to the local network, if available. Check the disks or folders you want to scan, and click on Start.

DDS Logs Got lucky again. EXE svchost. Driver 1. NET Framework 3. NET Framework 1. NET Framework 2. Browser Services Yahoo! Install Manager Yahoo! Internet Mail Yahoo! Messenger Yahoo! Signatures Attempted: Current Error Code: 0xa Error description: The program can't find definition files that help detect unwanted software. Check for updates to the definition files, and then try again. For information on installing updates, see Help and Support.

Signatures loading: Backup Loading signature version: 1. It has done this 1 time s. NtpClient will try the DNS lookup again in 15 minutes. The error was: A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable host. Disregard my previous post, since you're able to run DDS. Close any open browsers. Very Important! Temporarily disable your anti-virus , script blocking and any anti-malware real-time protection before performing a scan.

They can interfere with ComboFix or remove some of its embedded files which may cause "unpredictable results ". Click on this link to see a list of programs that should be disabled. The list is not all inclusive. If yours is not listed and you don't know how to disable it, please ask. If Combofix asks you to install Recovery Console , please allow it. If there is no internet connection after running Combofix, then restart your computer to restore back your connection.

Double click on combofix. When finished, it will produce a report for you. DO NOT make any other changes to your computer like installing programs, using other cleaning tools, etc. Post HijackTHis log. Do NOT attempt to fix anything!

Broni, I will begin your Combo fix instructions first thing in the morning. Been battling this nearly 20 hours now and yet to sleep. In the meantime, HouseCall was able to finish a full scan. It came up with the following one file: File: A ETA: Just answered my own question. Fixed in TrendMicro, rebooted, same win32 error message. Ok, here's where I'm at. I began the ComboFix process. Couldn't get into AVG or Windows Firewall to disable -- it said something about the service not being running and asked if I wanted to start.

I clicked yes, it said the service could not be started. Rebooted, and I recalled reading a post that said even after it's removed, the error message will show up one final time since it's related to the previous startup. Anyway, I continued on just to be sure.


Am trying to run comodo cleaning essentials windows xp but i never get past loading engine and colle fortinet tac mexico

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