Old version teamviewer download

old version teamviewer download

We strongly recommend using the latest version of TeamViewer whenever possible, as older versions are generally not updated anymore. Using the. Download TeamViewer to your computer (Microsoft, Apple eller Linux Microsoft) by clicking the link above. If not, you have an old version of TeamViewer. Please visit the link mentioned at the end of this article to download the latest version of TeamViewer 14 for Windows 10 and earlier versions of the. THUNDERBIRD PHOTOS

TeamViewer 9 and TeamViewer 10 will be discontinued on June 1, When the two versions of TeamViewer reach their end of life on that date, users will no longer be able to remotely access computers and devices outside their network. To check whether you are running the latest version of TeamViewer, click Check for new version. TeamViewer is backward compatible : licensed versions can always connect to older versions, but for private versions are required the latest version on both devices.

TeamViewer is free for personal use , which means any tasks within your personal life for which you are not being paid. Connections between personal devices at home or helping friends and family remotely qualify as personal use. To learn more, see this article from the TeamViewer Community.

Skip to content Questions. Can you download an older version of TeamViewer? How do I revert to a previous version of TeamViewer? Download the TeamViewer Remote Support application from the following links…. Remote Support. Can I have 2 versions of TeamViewer installed?

How do I install TeamViewer version 11? What is the latest version of TeamViewer for Mac? Download TeamViewer for Mac 4. Is TeamViewer 14 still free? How do I install two versions of the same software Windows 10? How can I install two versions of the same software in Windows 7? Does TeamViewer 10 still work? What version of TeamViewer do I have? If that sounds like too much hassle, APKMirror has also developed its own Android app, so you can download the files directly onto your phone or tablet.

However, in March and under the guidance of a new CEO , Softonic committed to cleaning up its act. Today, the site is much more trustworthy and has become a solid repo of old apps for you to download. Old software is available for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, and various web apps. If you click on the Apps tab at the top of the page, choose the app you want to download, then scroll to the bottom of the page, you will find several old versions for you to download.

Depending on the app, some of these versions go back several years. Softonic is also a great source for finding downloads of depreciated apps. If there was an old game you used to love or app that was an important part of your professional workflows, there is a good chance you will be able to find it on Softonic. In addition to the app downloads, Softonic also offers installation guides, reviews, opinion pieces, and more.

FileHippo's main selling point is its handpicked list of the latest versions of the best software for Windows and Mac. However, for popular apps, the site also offers extensive back catalogs of old versions of apps and software.

The supported operating systems are Windows, Mac, Android, and web apps. In total, more than 40, software versions are available. The apps themselves are divided into 13 main categories. To see the older versions of software that are available on FileHippo, navigate to an app's page, then click on View More under Old Versions in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

FileHorse also offers a hand-picked list of software for you to download. It specializes in the Windows and Mac operating systems. Apps on the site are updated daily with new versions, icons, screenshots, and other related material. All changelogs are available, and all software that is available for download on the site is first checked for viruses and malware using the VirusTotal and Google Safe Browsing tools.

Of course, old versions of software and apps for both Windows and Mac are also available. To find the old versions of apps, just click through to an app's listing and use the dropdown list adjacent to Old Versions at the top of the page. The site also offers app overviews, RSS feeds, and email notifications for when new apps and versions are added. All apps are verified using SHA1, it uses cryptographic signature matching, and all new apps are verified using other software from the same developer.

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