1960 thunderbird pictures

1960 thunderbird pictures

SPLASHTOP TIPS 1960 thunderbird pictures citrix uis 1960 thunderbird pictures

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Both of these pieces are available in reproduction from the vendors. This is your starting point. Make sure your parking brake is on and your wheels are chocked, as you will be removing the device that keeps your car in park. Pull off the center of the steering wheel. Scribe with a screwdriver or awl a mark towards the hole on the deep dish washer, so you will know in what position to reinstall the steering wheel.

Upon removing the nut and the deep dish washer you will find two threaded holes on either side of the center threaded rod. Thread the bolts of a steering wheel puller into the threaded holes. Use the correct bolts. Turn the center bolt of the puller to pop the steering wheel off. Remove the spring under the steering wheel.

Remove the screws at 9 o' clock and 1 o' clock holding the plastic shift indicator. Lift off the plastic piece from the bottom. The plastic shift indicator will remain attached by the horn wire. Unscrew and remove the turn signal lever. Remove the spring on the turn signal switch with a small screwdriver. Keep one finder over the spring to prevent it from becoming a projectile.

Pull out the plate assembly for the turn signal switch It connects the turn signal lever to the turn signal electrical switch. Remove the nuts at 11 o' clock and 5 o'clock. Unscrew the turn signal electrical switch. Loosen and remove the center bushing by wedging and spreading the slot on the bushing. It should take minimal force. It has a radial slot. Place a screw driver in the slot and tap on the handle end of the screw driver with you hand so as to rotate it.

It just slides onto the steering wheel shaft. After is freed up and can rotate, place the screw driver under the lip of the bushing and pry it up a little. At this point, the bushing can be seen and delineated from the other parts. Now just slide the bushing up the steering wheel shaft by hand until it comes off. Open up and remove the shift indicator light access plate. Unscrew the shift indicator light and move out it out of the way.

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1960 thunderbird pictures thunderbird street

Photography Finds Location Of 1960s Postcards To See How They Look Today

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